A new year, a clean slate. Will you achieve your career goals in 2019?

Back at work and looking at the 2019 diary; it reminded me of how much a new diary resonates with the start of a new chapter. So shiny new, with pages in pristine condition waiting for entries worthy of your best handwriting. Like a blank picture / new chapter / clean slate … the year is yours to create.

For most of us, we’ve enjoyed at the very least a few statutory days off over the Christmas/New Year period or the luxury of a couple of weeks respite from work. Precious breaks to step into holiday mode with less time pressures and opportunities for reflecting on the year that’s been and what the new one will hopefully bring.

For some the New Year rings in the impetus for change. With work taking up a vast proportion of the 365 days ahead, it’s no wonder that career change comes to the forefront, particularly on the back of holiday musings “what do I want the year to look like?” Chatting with friends and family adds fuel to the fire; determination to make a career move, consider new opportunities, move away from the most frustrating elements of work … it starts to look exciting and inviting.

Then the return to work. Possibly not just the holiday blues this time, but a real sense of dread & dissatisfaction. For some, decisions and plans become a reality and career change is implemented. But from our experience, the majority see the holiday vision fading away as a backlog of work demands take over, work patterns are restarted, and old habits move back in. Within a few weeks the determination to make a change has been pushed to the back of the diary with appointments, meetings and to do lists taking over.

It all becomes too hard and procrastination and excuses provide the justification for sticking with the status quo. (Confession: I have too close an association with procrastination at times, particularly when getting down to writing a blog, note the gap between blogs!)

Sounds a bit deflating after the holiday highs which created an inspiring vision for the new year.

But that vision is still a possibility, you just need assistance to identify the best pathway toward it. And that’s where Zestpeople comes in with a range of career related modules that have assisted a vast number of clients stuck in very similar circumstances. We love helping people identify more clearly their ideal career vision and developing a plan to make it become a reality.

Many times, we’ve heard how valuable an impartial ear is, backed with experience in career coaching and planning to help translate all the interests, experience, skills and personal insight into a practical career plan. Enthusiasm, motivation and encouragement are at the foundation of what we do, it’s essential to guiding our clients to ‘careers with zing’!

Wouldn’t it be great to ring in 2020 with celebration of achieving your 2019 career goals!

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