Following the workshop and our coaching sessions, I identified my ideal organisations and used my contacts to get an introduction. I have now been in my role for 2 months and absolutely love it. I want to thank you for teaching me the strategies to cope with a changing career transition. I have finally secured the role which ticks priority one in every aspect of my list.
Tony (Career Search)

She was so excited and told me all about your sessions and that she really feels like she knows exactly where she is heading now. We love seeing her enthusiasm and positivity, she is on fire! She thinks you are just amazing, evidently you really get where she is coming from and you understand and can help her put a plan in place.
Carol (Get in the Zone)

Just a quick email to say thanks again for all your help and update you on my news! I successfully gained that role and they said I interviewed very well, my preparation showed through and I stood out. Thank you so much I really appreciated your help.
Anna (Graduate Interview Coaching)

Thank you so much for assisting me with my CV and the valuable time spent with me, which has ultimately given me the tools to confidently pursue future opportunities.
Virginia (CV Preparation & Presentation)

I was hesitant about attending your workshop with our upcoming company restructure but it exceeded my expectations. It should be compulsory not voluntary.
Kevin (Transition to Retirement)

I had an excellent consultant who took such a personal interest. Her connection to and understanding of many of the market is very insightful and useful. Her direction and structure has offered up a new perspective on things. She has been a pleasure to work with as I try to re-establish my long term career.
Alan (Career Assessment)

The workshop that you facilitated in Christchurch assisted me greatly. If I had not participated in the mock interview I would have been totally lost! I received very positive feedback from the panel regarding how I handled the interview and have been successful. Thank you very much for the wonderful assistance you have given me.
Cath (CV & Interview Training Workshop)

I would like to sincerely thank you for your persistence and the extra time you have given me over the last 8 months in my search of a new career path. I have truly appreciated all our sessions and you have helped me so much to feel more confident attempting to find a new position. I still will be nervous at my interviews but it’s a healthy type of nervousness.
Regan (Career Search Programme)

Just wanted to thank you for your help with career change and refocus, the process has lead me to consider options that I might not have previously looked at.
Ellen (Job Search Programme)

Thanks for all your extra time and effort. My son has greatly enjoyed the process and feels he has gained a huge amount of extra insight into his choices.
Chris (Get in the Zone)