Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Discover your personality type – an important step to identifying a fulfilling career pathway

Myers Briggs

Why do you always write daily lists while friends and colleagues never do?

How come you enjoy going out at the end of a stressful week while your partner prefers a quiet night at home?

Why do you need so much information before making a decision, while others just make a decision and go with it on little or no information?

Does your personality suit your current career/study pathways?

If you have ever considered these types of questions, taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) test and receiving feedback will help identify your unique gifts – and also help you understand and appreciate the differences in others.

The MBTI® assessment identifies 16 different personality types. At Zestpeople, we specialise in providing individual feedback on your MBTI® results… to help discover the unique Zing, Zest and Zeal in YOU!

Why take the MBTI®?

  • The MBTI® has had a distinguished history. It has been subjected to more than 60 years of development and is published in over 30 languages. It is the most popular personality test in the world today.
  • The information gained enhances your understanding of your motivations, natural strengths, potential areas for growth and career options.
  • The MBTI® enhances your relationships and understanding of others in your workplace and home environment.
  • By appreciating the differences in others, we show a willingness to discover new ways of working together.

What we offer at Zestpeople

  • A qualified practitioner of the MBTI® test in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere.
  • A 90-minute feedback meeting with a practical, in-depth discussion of your results and the implications for your life and career.
  • A comprehensive individual Personality type manual is provided, which is relevant in its application to everyday life and is designed to be a useful reference for your future.