Transition to Retirement

Zestpeople can assist your older staff to approach their retirement with confidence and optimism


New Zealand is facing an ageing workforce crisis in line with global trends. Every month over 4000 New Zealanders turn 65.

Many organisations do not have policies or strategies in place to manage this ageing workforce, which could result in unforeseen issues arising in your business.

Do your staff know what options they have within your organisation as they consider their transition to retirement? Have you considered providing workshops or individual programmes to assist your staff as they consider this next stage of their working lives?

Zestpeople will help your staff approach their transition to retirement with confidence and optimism as they discover the range of options available. This will also help your organisation with engagement, succession planning and the transfer of knowledge, skills and organisational expectations.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the services we provide in this area.