Job Search With a Difference

We’ll help you become the best candidate for the job you want

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The Job Search with a Difference programme is designed to help you position yourself as the best candidate for your next career step. This empowering programme will provide you with the tools and techniques you need for a career change in today’s market through motivating, individual and independent coaching.

The Job Search with a Difference programme includes in-depth, structured sessions and will:

  • Identify what is essential for your Curriculum Vitae presentation and assist you with your interview preparation.
  • Develop a dynamic, positive, achievement-orientated Curriculum Vitae, tailored to meet the requirements of today’s market. This is critical to your success.
  • Identify successful strategies and techniques to prepare and present yourself for that winning job interview.
  • Target your job search strategies to ensure you actively seek opportunities utilising a range of proven techniques.