A Day Spa With a Difference

day spa with a difference

A Day Spa With A Difference is an interactive and inspiring day workshop. It is designed to identify what truly motivates and drives you, uncovers your potential and assists you to develop a clearer vision moving forward.

This empowering workshop provides you with the tools and techniques for getting and keeping your career and life on track!

A Day Spa with a Difference workshop includes:

  • A range of assessment tools to help you develop a Personal Profile, which identifies what motivates and drives you.
  • Explore opportunities and options that match your Personal Profile and help to create your future career plan.
  • Identify strategies to make time work for you, to manage and balance your commitments in order to simplify your approach to a work and life balance.
  • Effectively set realistic goals for the short/medium/long term in order to realise your potential and develop a realistic plan.
  • A day away from it all, in a relaxed environment, with a small group of people who want to make the most of what they do. Either join with a scheduled workshop or make up a group of friends and enjoy the experience together.
  • A specially designed, catered morning tea and lunch is included in this motivating and relaxing workshop.
  • An optional individual follow up and/or Personality Assessment derived from your answers to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator®.