Chart Your Future Benefits

high school student

Students – “What’s in it for Me?”

  • Gain valuable insight into your personality
  • Discover your passions, strengths and talents
  • Answer with confidence that ever-present question “So what are you going to do next?”
  • Become more engaged and purposeful in your study
  • Be motivated to start your career journey
  • Gain insight into the career search process with tools and techniques you can use for LIFE!

Parents – “What difference will it make?”

  • Your child will recognise their key strengths and motivations
  • Gain an insight into your child’s underlying personality and how this supports their career choice
  • Help foster a healthy acceptance of ‘self’ and enable positive parent/child conversations
  • Build confidence in taking the next steps toward career or study options
  • Increased knowledge of career options, industries and opportunities
  • Develop an action plan supported by an objective, independent Career Coach

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