Secondary School Students

Identify potential career options to make informed and purposeful subject choices for NCEA Levels 1 – 3

school student career advice

Selecting your NCEA subjects is a daunting task, navigating your way through standards and the impact this has on your future study or career options.

With more careers and qualifications than ever to choose from, the question for today’s high school and university students is, “Which career will lead to personal satisfaction and professional fulfilment?”

Many students risk narrowing their future career choices through their subject selection!

The only person who knows what’s right for you is YOU! Unravelling your choices can be difficult, particularly when you feel under pressure to make a career decision.

But we can help you identify your ideal career path early on, giving you confidence in your decision making and a stronger connection between what you are studying at High School and the career it may lead to.

A note for parents – we understand the importance of subject selection for your child’s future career

The value of effective career planning is well recognised but without access to effective career assessment tools and specialist coaching, many students never discover the career options open to them. Having used a number of highly regarded assessment tools in a corporate setting since 2008, we decided to adapt these to assist young adults. Witnessing our own teenagers struggle with the pressure of this decision making, we recognised the importance of gaining this insight at an early stage of career planning.

The personal insight and range of information these tools extract can empower students in identifying a rich and fulfilling career. Confidence, self awareness and motivation are just some of the spin offs. Not only do we help students to choose their initial direction and course selection but the knowledge and insight gained is also an enduring gift that can be applied at any career cross-road.

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