School Leavers

Discover what really motivates and interests you, to help you choose the right career path

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For many young people the transition from school into work or tertiary study is the start of a period of discovery – of who you are, the opportunities beyond high school, and what direction you would like to head.

But where do you find these answers? How do you make sense of what you’re experiencing, be it dissatisfaction with the course you’ve selected or the uneasy feeling you’ve chosen a job that isn’t really you?

When we leave school without a clear direction, it’s often the influence of parents, peers and teachers that direct us. Sometimes that works, but it can often lead to more confusion and dissatisfaction.

This may impact on feelings of self worth – and without the support to find alternatives and identify something more fulfilling, we can remain stuck in an unhappy and disillusioned course or job.

Making career choices without personal insight can lead to a lifetime of wondering “why do I not enjoy what I do?”

With the right tools you can discover your skills and interests and focus on a specific career that offers the greatest opportunity for personal fulfilment.

With the rising cost of tertiary education, the significant groundswell of graduates in similar disciplines and the numbers dropping out during a course, it is important to invest in specialist help. Spending valuable time considering your options in the context of your strengths, motivations and interests is more important than ever.

It’s never too late to reconsider your options

So if a change in direction is required, let us help you make a decision that is right for you. Our programme has been adapted to assist with career decision making at any stage post Secondary School.

Perhaps you have already completed further study and don’t know what to do next in presenting yourself to the market? We can help with the tools and techniques to create that Professional Brand needed secure that first job. Look through our Coaching Options for more details.