Chart Your Future

A career coaching programme for 15 – 24 year olds

Chart Your Future

Choosing a career can feel like a monumental decision. At the same time, it can also feel like guesswork.

Whether you’re struggling to choose your NCEA subjects, selecting a university course or looking for career opportunities, we have the tools to help you make career choices that appeal to your talents, interests and personality.

‘Chart Your Future’ is where we offer a unique range of career coaching programmes specifically designed for 15-24 year olds. With specialised one-on-one coaching we review where you are now, guide you through a range of assessment tools and construct a comprehensive personalised report. With the benefit of this insight, we then help broaden career awareness to confidently navigate your way forward through the myriad of career choices available.

Services range from one-off consultations to indepth programmes and the most frequently utilised programme incorporates online assessments with a comprehensive coaching session of approximately 2 ½ hours.

Through our Chart Your Future programme we guide clients through a process which helps develop a picture of what really matters in a career. Utilising our vast coaching experience, we help clients describe all aspects of what is important to them from a career related perspective. A key component of the programme is an innovative online career direction tool, Career Sense Insight©, specifically designed for the New Zealand market and education environment.

The Chart Your Future comprehensive programme includes:

  • Background insight: what you are interested in, what you like to do in your free-time, your family background, your educational experiences; and begin to see what these may mean to your career decision making.
  • A series of online interactive activities to explore your values, skills and interests, identify your career defining attributes and use these to generate your ideal career statement with the help of your Zestpeople Consultant.
  • Evaluate the career directions that are standing out for you and explore these in more detail through a series of specialised online card-sorts aligned with occupational sectors and customised to New Zealand’s educational opportunities.
  • Extend your increased career self-understanding to generate a list of possible careers for you to explore further with greater confidence in what you are looking for in a career.
  • Determine the next steps to take after your session including school subjects, New Zealand tertiary study options, career exploration, attending opens days, getting involved with activities that relate to your future career or talking to experts in the field you want to pursue.

As a tailored one-on-one process, the programme assists in identifying preferred career options and being involved every step of the way gives you ownership of the outcome. The programme follow-up includes:

  • A 15 page Career Sense Profile detailing what you are looking for in a career, including your career defining attributes and career statement.
  • My Future Career Worksheets which help interpret your Profile including results from specialised card sorts and the preferred careers identified based on increased self-understanding including study options, recommended school subjects and career exploration activities to undertake.

As certified practitioners across a range of highly regarded personal assessment tools, we are able to tailor programme components to meet individual needs and career considerations. Formalised assessment can include:

The world renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) we help you gain precious insight into “what makes you tick”. After more than 70 years of research and development the MBTI® personality assessment is the most widely used personality instrument available.

CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) by Gallup will unlock your innate talents and build awareness of how to turn them into strengths, providing valuable insight to guide your career decision making. A highly unique combination of talents emerges to help express your strengths and what sets you apart in applications, course enrolments, CV’s, cover letters and job interviews. Strengths based coaching offers greater self-awareness and confidence to guide career discovery, particularly when we consider Gallup’s recent findings that only 39% of Graduates state they are engaged in their work with only 11% thriving in all five elements of their wellbeing. This powerful tool with unlock your strengths and give insight into how to boost your engagement and wellbeing in the work / career for you.

Career Sense Insight© an innovative online career direction tool customised to New Zealand’s market and educational opportunities. Career Sense Insight© utilises a range of unique assessments to identify preferred career options and pathways.

With specialised one-on-one coaching we review where you are now, guide you through a range of assessment tools and construct a comprehensive personalised report. With the benefit of this insight we then help broaden your career awareness and navigate your way forward through the myriad of career choices available.

Whatever the circumstance of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire.”
Isabel Briggs Myers